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In classical conditioning, a response elicited by a previously neutral stimulus that has become associated with the unconditioned stimulus.

In Your Own Words

  • The response elicited by classical conditioning, the same as the unconditioned response only after classical conditioning has been completed.
  • A once innate reaction caused by a conditioned stiumlus.
  • After many trials of pairing unconditioned stimuli with conditioned stimuli the subjects reaction to the unconditioned stimuli will be the same when the the conditioned stimulus is presented. The reaction to the conditioned stimulus is the conditioned response.
  • A newly formed reaction to a once unassociated stimulus.
  • A innate response to a conditioned stimulus.


  • Conditioned Response
  • Salivating to the sound of Mr. Wray's voice saying "Appalooza" or "Zamboni" after being conditioned during Lemon Powder Day.
  • After every bell sound you get a piece of candy, so now every time you hear a bell, your conditioned response is to salivate.
  • Pavlolv's dogs were conditioned to salivate at the sound of a bell (CR was the salivation when the bell was rang).
  • When it is 10:20 a.m. at Arundel students become hungry.

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