This page will include examples that would demonstrate how a psychological concept could relate to a restaurant...

Your instructions are to...
    1. Either complete the partial thought of "At a restaurant..." like the first few examples below or edit someone else's example to make it make more sense.
    2. ALWAYS USE PSYCHOLOGICAL TERMS FROM PSYCHLOPEDIA in your examples. And use them in context! Justify why by using words like "Because."
    3. Link to the term that you used with the link button. At the end of the year we will take all of these mini examples and try to construct them into a story about a restaurant.
    4. If a term was already used once... make sure you use it in a different way.

      • At a restaurant I regularly frequent I experienced jamais vu when I asked my mother if I had ever been
      • At a restaurant my absolute threshold for the smell of bacon has been crossed when I first notice it wafting my way from the kitchen.
      • At a restaurant my hypothalamus is going crazy as I impatiently and hungrily wait for my meal to come because it is sensing my low blood sugar.
      • At a difference threshold has been crossed because I noticed the change in the noise level when it went down a few decibels.
      • At a restaurant I used bottom top processing to analyze all of the ingredients in my food to make sure there were no peppers in it, then I looked at the dish as a whole.
      • At a restaurant when my sister challenged me to leave my hand on a hot plate for 5 minutes I was able to do it because sensory adaptation allowed my hand to become numb from the pain after the first minute.
      • At a restaurant, I got food poisoning from the fish I ordered because it was undercooked, which later resulted in a developed taste aversion to all types of fish because of the illness I experienced.
      • At a restaurant, my mom caught me wiping the food off my hands on my pants, she began to nag me and nag me about using a napkin on my lap like a lady would, I gave in. My mom using negative reinforcement is what led me to stop her complaining when I did what she was asking.
      • At a restaurant, I gave the waiter negative reinforcement by complaining about the food taking too long to come out every time he passed our table, he got our food after the fifth complaint and ended my nagging.
      • At a restaurant I used stimulus discrimination when I was able to tell my drink was diet Pepsi instead of coke.
      • At a restaurant, I use recognition when I see a burger on the menu because I can recognize that that's the burger I usually get.
      • At a restaurant, I knew to wait in the lobby/entrance until a hostess addressed me and led me to an open table, because of my script of eating at a restaurant.
      • At a restaurant, I was serving this lady and she looked at me and narrowed her eyes, "Aren't you from theatre class?" I racked my brain but after the fire nation attacked and i hit my head i got Retrograde Amnesia. So i shook my head and asked for her order.
      • At a restaurant , when I get asked what I would like to order I will have to use my sensory memory to absorb what I am being asked. and will use my working memory to respond.working memory
      • At a restaurant, I walk in hungry. I then get seated and after a while my food is brought to me and after I eat my meal my body is brought back to normal body condition, and I'm not hungry anymore. This is an example of called homeostasis.
      • At a restaurant, I would choose ice cream instead of frozen yogurt for dessert. This is an example of Approach-Approach Conflict, since these choices are both very alike and delicious.
      • At a restaurant, i would use my intrinsic motivation to help customers find their seat because i enjoyed the pleasure of helping the customers.
      • At a restaurant, I gave up trying to ask the waiter for a refill whenever he passed my table because, through learned helplessness, I realized that any of my attempts to get his attention failed.
      • At a restaurant, I grew impatient quickly because I was so thirsty, I had needs to fulfill and the waitress was taking her sweet time.
      • At a restaurant, I was faced with approach-approach conflict, because I had to choose between crab cakes and lobster which I both like.
      • At a restaurant I freak out, and have a panic attack because of my agoraphobia, but after talking through my problem with someone during insight therapies I'm able to change the way I feel about public places.