It’s been 2 months since the zombies came and took over the earth. I am one of the last ones left of my kind. I have been in hiding, protecting myself. The only reason I have survived is because Natural Selection is on my side. I am innately a strong man and have been able to fend for myself, unlike those who were killed in the beginning because they were much weaker than me. My father was also very strong so it came to me in my genetics. Plus, because my father was very for being strong if you were a man, he would nurture my muscles with exercising classes that I took since age four. After my family had become the zombie’s lunch, I gained a Need for Achievement, my goal was to find a cure for the disease causing regular people to become the living dead.
Before he was zombie meat, I worked for an older gentleman who had succeeded in capturing one of the creatures and doing a series of tests. Although, his studies were flawed because he had an expectancy bias and figured the zombies didn’t feel at all, which greatly influenced his findings. Now, I am determined to do better than that and get true results. I have always been very “equality” based. With this study, I didn’t want to create prejudice by judging a zombie based on the fact that their part of the group of zombies. I don’t want to make the thematic apperception Error and judge the person not the situation with anyone or in this case… anything.
One afternoon as I sat, stationed behind an abandoned car in a parking lot, I had my chance to reach my goal and get my family back. I saw a weaker looking zombie across the street from where I was. I remembered this zombie in particular. A few weeks ago I saw it and its fellow zombie friends, lined up, dragging themselves towards an area where most of them stayed during the day. This zombie that was limping in front of me was the same zombie that was in the beginning of the line. Serial Position Effect made me remember him over the zombie in the middle. I judged the distance between the zombie and I with depth perception, he was about 20 feet away.
I was about to make my capture attempt when the zombie spotted a small girl, and began going to her hastily. My heart began to race as electrical signals were sent across my axon due to Action Potential. My Sympathetic Nervous system made my heart race like it usually does when I’m in a fight or flight situation. Although, she had no idea that he was approaching her from behind. I called to her, warning her as I ran to her, without even thinking that I may get hurt. My Prosocial behavior may save this young girl from her demise. Her face showed great Anxiety, she was so afraid of this danger she was encountering. I got to her in time and saved her life. After this happening she followed me everywhere, and gained learned helplessness by relying on my strength to save her every time a zombie was near.
One night my circadian rhythm told me to sleep like I usually did at this time, but instead of sleeping I was searching for that zombie. I found him an hour later behind an old Wegmans. Suddenly, a memory came to mind that was stored in my id just a minute ago. It was of a day my daughter and I went to a Wegmans when it was first open. After her death I repressed it into my unconscious, with my desire to feel love once more. I had enough emotional intelligence to control my feelings and stop from giving any zombie a reason to find me “weak”. If I let this desire out in the open, I would become weak and not survive to save the world and fulfill my goal. I had read a book a year ago that was by a scientist insisting that there was going to be a zombie apocalypse. I read his book on “How To Survive the Zombie Apocalypse” and now recall reading a tip that told its readers to use whatever materials were there to attack a zombie. I saw a large rock that I could use as a weapon by getting over functional fixedness and attacking the zombie with it, hitting him just hard enough to knock him out so I could take him back home to study on.
I waited until the zombie was faced towards me, then I threw the large rock and hit him right in the head and he fell onto the pavement with a thud, knocked out. I scurried over to his limp body and took him back to my house. As soon as I got there I began my experiments on the zombie, which I tranquilized to keep him asleep. I took some blood and tested it for cures. After I tried many experiments, I decided of an observational study to watch the zombie in its natural habitat. I watched him around the other zombies and acquired a hypothesis that the zombie learns from the other zombies through observational learning and it can be trained to be human after proper training, which I decided to do after observing the zombie for a week or so.
One day of watching the zombie, I saw some very human-like behaviors that help to better prove my hypothesis. I noticed that the zombie followed the others. It seemed that the zombie I was watching conformed to each other by eating humans because the other zombies were. This zombie was different. He looked like a monster but acted like a regular human. He followed the social norm of what the other zombies always did. I began to have an attitude change toward the zombie kind and start thinking differently about the species. Over the next two days I had to kill 2 zombies, which made me have cognitive dissonance. I killed them but I still thought they had potential for a regular human life.
I captured the zombie once more and brought him back to my house. I wanted to continue my experiment to see if I could use operant conditioning by giving him an undesirable stimuli every time he acted aggressively towards a human. It was a stretch but I wanted to feel fulfilled for ending this epidemic. I decided if I can’t cure them, I at least can make them act human.
I strapped down the zombie’s arms, legs, and head securely. I called to the young girl whose life I previously saved to use as “bait.” I told her to stand there and if he was to lunge towards her or imply any violent behavior, I would hit his face with a large piece of metal. I continued to use this positive punishment until he stopped trying to attack her altogether. I moved onto my next step by letting him loose of the straps. I let go of him but he didn’t try to attack. In fact, he slowly hobbled to the small girl and wrapped his grotesque arms around her, and squeezed. I never thought id see a zombie hug a human in my life. I didn’t want his response to humans to be weakened over time by extinction so I continued once a week to apply the positive punishment to him. I came to a conclusion that by using Aversion therapy, by giving an unpleasant stimulus when he wanted to attack a human to make him dislike attacking humans.
This was a monumental breakthrough. I continued this with all zombies for years until we lived in harmony with one another. I was proud of myself for reaching my goal. Although I wont be able to get my family back, I found a new one; me, the irritating girl, and my first successful zombie friend (whom I named George later on). And I was happy this way.