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Jessica Jacobsen's manual on how to raise children

The C-Virus by Kamilia Arroyo

How to Raise a Child by Jacob Donahue

The Transformation by Hunter DeCarlo

My Complicated Life by Anthony Stancil

Alexa Arroyo: 2013 Story-When Im Driving (Mine didnt link)

Qua dropletes separated Tyler Watkins

Raising a Child Manual by Brittany McDuffie Brett Malamphy

Aashi Parikh

ifeanyi ozobu

If you were alone in the world by Kelly Quick

The Esposito Spawn by Jake Esposito

A Big Happy Zombie Family By Cayleigh Wilson

Alone on the Water Revisions by Kate Slade

Justin Knickman One day one man and alot of zombies

Maximilian Nicholas Jackson II the Zombie by Moira Meek

The Last of His Kind By Alex Northrup

Surving an apocalypse by Stephanie Neuwirth

Jake DeRosa

The Miniature Psychological Guide to Children and Teenagers By Rebecca Miller

Zombie Apocalypse by James Ghiardi

High School by Brittany Orr

The Bald Men By Kabrina Queen

Zombie cheese by Raheem Ramsey

I Live in a Bad Sci-Fi Comic by Juliana Felder

My Little Angels by Celina Fetanis

When the Zombies Came by Lauren Wood

Jack The Zombie Slayer by Jesse Smith

Tri-Spy by Tierra Coates

when the zombies come by Colin Ljungquist

The True Hollywood Story of A Pop Star by Demetra Askew

The Big Test by Amina Touma

The Road Trip by Zach Wagner
Addicted Gamer by Tomell Harbison